Scientists Found the gene associated with progression of melanoma

Scientists from the University
Sao Paulo in Brazil have found a gene associated with progression of melanoma.


According to Erika
Aparecida de Oliveira, a PhD student at School of pharmaceutical Sciences, the task was
to understand why the compound DM-1 (myotonin-protein kinase) leads to the cessation of activity
malignant tumors, if used in small doses. Utilizing
toxicomano platform, invented by an employee of the University of são Paulo Giselle
Monteiro managed to find the gene TOP1, as reported by the journalists VladTime.
This substance
its main function is to encode DNA-topoisomerase, and causes
the progression of melanoma (skin cancer). Scientists believe that their discovery will lead
in the future to improve the diagnostic process and can also be used
in certain therapeutic purposes. Currently, researchers are trying
to determine how the gene TOP1
affects melanoma.