Scientists Found the pelvic bone of Santa Claus

Experts from the University of Oxford with the help of radiocarbon Dating could establish that found in their possession a fragment of a pelvic bone, most likely, could belong to Saint Nicholas. It dates from the fourth century, that is, the estimated age of his life.


Transferred the artifact was its current owner, a priest by Dennis O’neil of the American, Illinois. The idea of the modern Santa Claus developed from stories about Nicholas the Wonderworker, who was the patron Saint of the poor.

Many of the remains that are actively being studied by us, in fact, be belong to periods much later than those originally anticipated. For example, we found a fragment of pelvic bone can be a part of the body of St. Nicholas, “said Tom Higham, an Oxford Professor.
The Wonderworker was Bishop of the Byzantine city in the World, located on the territory of modern Turkey. 700 years later after he died, the relics of the Saint were kidnapped and transported to Italy, where they are still a part of his skeleton was in possession of some churches.