Scientists found the planet with the best conditions for life

In the search for planets with conditions suitable for human life, a group of scientists stumbled upon one of the celestial spheres, which match the criteria. Object K2-18b was discovered in 111 light-years from Earth.


Planet K2-18 has been found outside our Solar system in the constellation of Leo. Revolving around the stars of the dwarf K2-18, in whose honor she was named, the celestial sphere is in the area, ideal for the formation of life on it. The nearest star to allow water on the surface of the exoplanet to be in liquid form, not steaming from excessive heat and not freezing cold.

Scientists managed to establish that this exoplanet has a gas atmosphere similar to earth’s and the rocky terrain. However, scientists have noticed that there is a likelihood that on top of a planet covered by a layer of ice. K12-18b were found two years ago, but details about it appeared only now, thanks to an advanced telescope Harps.