Scientists from the US have created a two-way fabric, can warm and cool

Scientists from the U.S. have formed a bilateral fabric based on polyethylene, can warm and cool. The scientific team from Stanford University worked under the supervision of Professor Chun Xue.


In the edition of the Washington post published an article about new fabrics, consisting of 4 materials. Between the layers of nanoporous polyethylene with pores in 50-1 000 nanometers located as filling, heating the copper and cooling the carbon layer.

Porous carbon, due to the high emissivity of human easily absorbs heat and infrared light. The thickness of the carbon layer fabric – 9 micrometers. It has a large thin, 12 µm, polyethylene.

Warming the metal layer is a copper coating with a thickness of 150 nanometers. Copper having a low emissivity and high ability to reflect light from the outside is limited to 24-micrometer layer of polyethylene.

The fabric useful to mountain tourists. Scientists have conducted scanning electron microscopy and found that the material passes vapor and air, preventing heavy sweating. How clothes from new fabric will affect the person – warm or cool, depends on which of its sides will be closer to the skin.

The invention will allow scientists to increase the area of thermal comfort by 6.5 degrees Celsius, extending the range of comfortable temperatures. In the future the figure will increase to 14.7 degrees.