Scientists from Tomsk propose to purify water explosions

The scientific staff of the laboratory of modeling of processes of heat and mass transfer in the school of Engineering and energy of TPU (Tomsk Polytechnic University) believes that the industrial and sewage water for drinking water can be cleaned from the dirty impurities with the help of explosive destruction drops.

The spokesman of the University said that this method of water purification will allow you to quickly remove from the water with chemical elements, toxic substances and combustible impurities.

According to experts, the cleanup will be carried out in several stages. The dirty water is first turned into suspension or emulsion, add the insoluble solids. Then all that will heated in kilns until the temperature of 300-500 degrees Celsius. During this process will be a pressure drop at the boundaries of different components drops. This will lead to explosive destruction of the interphase boundaries. Their drops will spray, in the form of numerous drops.

The head of The research group of Professor Pavel Strizhak alleges that during the heating process the water evaporates, and non-combustible impurities will fall into the residue, and combustible – will burn. After that, water vapor prokomentiruet and get pure water.

Experts are sure that in the industrial scale, such treatment can occur in the heat exchange chambers of different designs. The project will be conducted more than one study that shows the future of technology.