Scientists: galactic war and destroyed the alien civilization

Scientists have suggested that because of the galactic war could be destroyed a full-fledged alien civilization. Such a shocking statement was made as a result of outbreaks in the constellation Hydra, which was recorded in 2014.


The world’s astronomers do not always explain what is happening in space due to the scientific vocabulary, because sometimes statements are simply devoid of logic, but at such times they are closer to the regions having a pseudo-sphere.
That is why some experts still believe that the mechanism of these mysterious outbreaks can be explained with the help of the galactic wars.

The fact is that the constellation Hydra was not recorded processes associated with explosions of light or processes in black holes.
Astronomers exploring the constellation Hydra, saw a bright flash that could be the reason for the formation of an artificial source. Experts suggest that the cause was the aforementioned intergalactic war.

The constellation is located 15 million light-years. This is what saved human civilization. At this time the planet was inhabited by dinosaurs and other ancient life forms.