Scientists have collected a mini-portrait of “Mona Lisa” method of DNA

The miniature portrait of “Mona Lisa” was able to collect DNA. This work was done by the scientific staff of the California Institute.


American experts spoke about the cost of technology that allows you to create self-assembling structures from DNA. For example, he put a mini-reproduction of the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

The mechanism of DNA origami appeared in 2006. It allows you to create three-dimensional and flat structures at the scale of nanometers or devices for medications, releasing the active elements as directed. Give DNA a complex configuration is possible thanks to its two strands connected suitable to each other nucleotides. Specifying a sequence of characters in the chain, it is easy to associate it in the right areas at the required angle. In the US, scientists have proven that this technology can be used to compile complex and large images.