Scientists have created a bracelet that protects against robbers and rapists (video)

Ученые создали браслет, защищающий от грабителей и насильников (видео)

American scientists have developed a bracelet that is able to call the police. This invention will serve as a protection against robbers and rapists.

As noted by experts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, during the attack, the victim always manages to call the police, so they created jewelry that can through your smartphone’s Bluetooth to call for help.

The device works in the following way: a predetermined indication of the bracelet determines that the owner is in trouble and sends a message with coordinates in the emergency Department. The gadget also emits a loud sound, attracting the attention of others and thereby deters the attacker.

It should also be said that the bracelet analyzes the position of the body of the carrier in space, body temperature and pressure. The device is able to distinguish normal movement from spontaneous.

As waridat the developers, the bracelet can help women to protect themselves against rapists and persons with disabilities or the elderly who may feel unwell.