Scientists have created a flexible solar panel for smart watches and other gadgets

Scientists from Japan and the United States in its recent studies has created a special, flexible, efficient solar panels. They can convert light into energy with an efficiency of up to 10 percent, as well as to maintain efficiency during heating to 100 degrees Celsius. This panel can be used in smart watches and other wearable gadgets.

Specialists are constantly working on improving solar panels, but such improvements are directed to increase the efficiency or cost of the panel itself. However, there are still many other factors that affect their applicability, namely, it is possible to use them in smart clothing, smart watches or other Wearables.

Scientists under the guidance of a specialist Japanese Takao of Somea created a special organic solar panels. The device itself is a film with a thickness which is only three microns. As such, there are several layers, which are responsible for energy production.

Scientists have made a lot of prototypes and decided to test their properties. Some devices have shown efficacy in 10% conversion of solar energy into electricity. It is noteworthy that the record is considered to 13.1%. Tests show that the device does not drop even when you place it on 4 hours a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

According to the developers, this solar panel can be applied to any flexible surface with glue or tape. While the panel itself is the danger can not be held even at high temperatures.