Scientists have determined at what age are people most afraid of death


Scientists have conducted studies on the determination of the age at which people are most afraid of death. It turned out that the fear of death inherent in more young people.

The scientists said that the fear of death is inherent in the people of young age. With age, this fear is dulled — a lot of elderly people waiting for death and regard it as a liberation from disease. The study showed that 60-year-old people are much less worried about her death than the 20-year-old boys and girls.

Scientists were able to calculate the age at which people are most afraid of death by conducting numerous surveys of various segments of the population. Research staff noticed that the fear of death often inherent in religious people who believe in an afterlife. Some of them are afraid of the torments of hell, others look forward to the heavenly blessings. Experts believe that young people are afraid to die at an early age from a desire to do everything and to try in life.

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