Scientists have discovered meteorite iron in implements of the bronze age

In different experiments the scientist from France was able to prove that the implements belonging to the bronze age, contained meteoric iron. The researcher proved that long before the iron age, people learned to use materials from meteorites.


A scientist from France working in archaeology, set out a series of experiments in which he revealed the presence of Nickel in tools that were made in the bronze age. Deposits of Nickel in the world are at depths that were beyond the control for the study of people living in the bronze age and earlier. The French researcher noted that the iron age began in the Caucasus and Asia Minor of about 1.2 thousand years BC, and the iron objects people have started to use for 2 thousand years before.

The age of the tools that a scientist has studied, ranged from 3.3 to 5.3 per thousand years, and they were found in Syria and China. The archaeologist noted that the product was quite expensive for his age due to unavailability of materials.