Scientists have explained the appearance of clay and phyllosilicates on Mars

After the discovery a team of NASA huge deposits of clay on Mars, geologists working in the team for a long time could not explain this amazing phenomenon on a Red Giant. However, not long ago, according to the journal Nature, researchers at the University have found a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.


American scientists from Brown University has long engaged in research activities regarding this issue in cooperation with scientists from the headquarters of NASA. According to all the information collected, the researchers found that the clay for the formation of which necessarily need water, formed by the Red Giant due to the specificity of its volcanic rocks, as well as the fact that not so long ago, Mars could be covered with surface and underground waters. However, due to the nature of the atmosphere, which is much “thinner” our earth, the Sun over many millions of years dried up the surface of the red planet.

This discovery suggests that life on Mars may exist and subsequently, proper application of technologies and adaptation of life forms, the Red Giant can be colonized.