Scientists have figured out why dark matter inside the cell

A group of biologists under the leadership of Yukiko Yamashita in the course of his recent research has dealt with the role of satellite DNA, which proteins does not control and is considered “junk” DNA or “dark matter” of the genome. It turns out that these cells retain the chromosome in the nucleus.

The message indicates that satellite DNA consists of a sequence of nucleotides that repeat each other. Dimensions can vary from one nucleotide pair to just a couple thousand. Mostly it is localized in some specific region of the chromosome called the centromere. They connect chromatids, two chromatids siplivaya, forming X-shaped. Then it turns out the area Packed DNA in which genes simply no.

The scientists decided to remove the normal D1 protein of Drosophila. It should be noted that the compounds in contact with centromeric satellite DNA. It turns out that if there is no D1, then the insects will die germinal cells, which is necessary for the formation of eggs and sperm.

They appear microkernel, that is, the fragments of the nucleus, which is only part of the genome for survival.

Junk DNA is the part of the genome, which until now have not been established. It was considered that no regulatory proteins, the DNA for the organism useless. However, it is now known that it performs structural and regulatory functions.