Scientists have found a way to more effectively treat hepatitis E

Scientists have found an alternative method to the standard treatment of viral hepatitis E in humans. The specialists described in detail in the pages of the Journal of Hepatology.


Viral hepatitis E cause of human strains is similar to hepatitis A. It is a disease of the liver can dramatically harm humanity, so the experts EASL started looking for all the modern methods of treatment and prevention of viral hepatitis. The acute form of liver disease does not require antiviral prophylaxis, as the one in this case will not give results. HEV is particularly dangerous for patients with weak immune system – its ravages are able to deal with the liver extremely fast.

For treatment with HEV need to take ribavirin, but only in exacerbation. In addition, those patients diagnosed with liver failure, must pass the test of HEV, since it is possible it is present as the dormant virus. Duration of treatment with ribavirin for up to 6 months, but it depends on the individual indicators. If it came to liver transplantation, ribavirin is not prescribed, replacing it with periliously interferon. In order to prevent not eat undercooked meat, especially pork, venison.