Scientists have found ancient graves in Peru, with several feet of dead

Scientists were able to find amazing ancient tomb in Peru, home to a rather unique residents. Judging by the remains, the locals of this area had four feet.

In the city of Huanchaco in the La Libertad region archaeologists during their excavations stumbled upon an amazing grave. Next to the discovery of the skeletal remains, the scientists saw additional human bones. For example, in addition to their feet late in the grave had another two additional. In addition, adult skeleton could companyoffice any bones, but only human.

Archaeologists have found that the burial belongs to the representatives of the Viru culture. According to historical facts, when one of the representatives of this minority die, his coffin fell an additional part of the body. It was mostly the hands or the feet. Someone braver had to give their limbs in sacrifice to the deceased. On the bones traces from the mechanical Department.