Scientists have found ancient “island murder”

Scientists were able to detect the island, which became the resting place of more than a hundred people. It turned out to beacon, located off the coast of Western Australia. He became famous as the site of the massacre. A his name is one of the worst places on the planet. As it turned out, rightfully.


Archaeologists have discovered during Bacone the remains of dead and buried people. The approximate age of the burial – 400 years. Experts in the field of history suggested that the remains belong to the surviving members of the team Galleon of the East India company “Batavia”, which crashed off the coast of Australia in 1629. The cause of the crash of the vessel, according to one version, steel reefs, located at a distance of 25 miles from shore. Experts suggest that the deviation occurred due to the arbitrariness of the Navigator, who decided to go at their own rate, which caused the dissatisfaction of captain.

According to specialists, the team never left the dying ship. Their bodies later found along with the wreckage of the ship. However, to go down with the ship decided not all sailors. More than a hundred people, both men and women and even children, getting out of one trap, caught in another. They got to Islands in the Pacific ocean, but to live a long life, and to leave the island, they were not meant to be. They were all killed within a few months. What or who was the cause of their death is a mystery. The place of death “Batavia” archaeologists have discovered in 1963 and 10 years later work began on the raising of the wreck and the remains of the sailors. According to the researchers, the burials were not spontaneous, but organized. Experts believe that even respected all belong to the burial ceremony.