Scientists have found on Mars triangle and the dome of unknown origin

Scientists do not stop attempts to make contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Such, in their view, should not dwell anywhere, but on the surface of Mars. So, on the red planet, during the analysis of the published NASA photographs, was able to see the triangle and the dome of unknown origin. Videos find later placed on YouTube hosting.


There are also skeptical minded members of the scientific community who are genuinely convinced that the various items people see only because we want to. In fact, it’s probably a pile of rocks or similar rocky formations, which are present on the planet. Ufologists, however, have a different opinion and do not stop to insist on the importance of the findings and call for further study. In their opinion, the location of the dome and triangle for a reason.

Ufologists also expressed confidence that the triangles necessarily have to be a mystery associated with the world of UFOs. If you talk about the dome, I am sure the researcher, it needs to be breathable artificial environment that would allow alien life to constantly evolve.

Dome, certain ufologists, has created a group of alien beings, or the earthly representatives of the space community that keep this building a secret from the public.