Scientists have found the remains of swamp lizards, moving from land to sea

Experts from the school of medicine at the Johns Hopkins and American
Museum of natural history found the bones of swamp lizards that have moved from
land to sea, according to the newspaper “Version”.

The age of the remains are about 155 million years. Second name
fossil creatures – “Vaduzer”. Sounds so “swamp lizard” in Latin
language. Found the remains in one of the limestone quarries near the town
Solnhofen, Bavaria, in Germany. In the past there was a large
shallow pond, which could move an ancient reptile.
As noted by Gabriel Bever, “vgasave” called creation,
which passed in the sea, because it pointed out some features
the structure of the body. For example, lystopadovyi tail and triangular head. It
is another proof of the fact that there were species that do not
went to the land of water, and wanted to settle it in the sea, born
was not there originally.