Scientists have identified 124 genes that determine hair color

Scientists have found 124 new genetic locus responsible for the color of Europeans, the combination of which gives grounds to assume the color of hair from their owner.

An international group of scientists conducted a study in which using the meta-analysis studied about 300 thousand of participants of European descent, and they identified 124 genetic locus associated with hair color, 111 of which were previously not even known. This gave the opportunity to conclude that the greatest influence on the pigmentation of the hair have polymorphisms in the genes of the regulators, not in the genes related to the pigmentation directly.

The color of The hair associated with the floor. So, for women more distinctive bright shades, for men, on the contrary, darker colors.

It should be noted that on the basis of the study, the researchers created a mathematical model that fairly accurately predicts black and red human hair.

This discovery sheds light on the understanding of the genetic complexity underlying the changes in pigmentation of the person, and advance knowledge of the conditions associated with it. New insights are also relevant to forensic science.