Scientists have identified what is the secret to a happy marriage

U. S. scientists working at the University of Georgia, decided to find out what is the secret to marriage appeared happy. Their discovery was quite unexpected.

It turned out that happiness is, indeed, not only in money, but even quite the contrary. Most happily married were just those couples whose income was low.

Scientists in the course of its work, interviewed more than 3.5 thousand of respondents. Their age was from 24 to 89 years. Study participants were divided into three groups.

One of them included singles in the other and the couple and third couple with experience. It turned out that lonely people are more than family, prone to depression.

But happiness in marriage were in direct proportion to the level of family income.

If the spouses have a joint annual income less than 60 thousand dollars, people often take care of each other and hold the family budget together. Such couples often spoke about their satisfaction with the fact that what happened to their marriage.