Scientists have invented a “hormone of trust” with no side effects

Scientists from Australia have created “the trust hormone” or oxytocin, on the basis of selenium. This ruled out side effects. According to research, the introduction into the molecule of the selenium atom blocked the imitation of the actions of another peptide hormone, vasopressin. This hormone regulates blood pressure.


Thanks to this innovation, the modified molecule can be used for the treatment of autism, schizophrenia and even epileptic seizures. Previously, despite the wide range of uses, oxytocin treated with caution due to the whole complex side effects. Sometimes they were so severe that its use entailed a lethal outcome. Used when introducing it to the woman to stimulate contractions, killed the mother and the baby. This happened because of the connection of oxytocin receptors vasopressin that regulates fluid balance in the body, including blood pressure on the walls of blood vessels.

However, by itself this hormone makes the people to trust and even contact with strangers. Under its influence people become more tolerant and kinder. Before the experiments were carried out only on rodents that caused the differences in the results.