Scientists have invented a laser protection for cars and airplanes from icing

Russian physicists have figured out how to protect cars and planes from icing by means of a laser. Experts are struck by laser on aluminium and magnesium metals, which makes aircraft and auto body – special drawings in the form of hollows and bumps. After that, the metal surface applied chemicals.


After performing a series of procedures, the specialists began to examine the mechanical properties of surfaces, as well as their ability to repel water. The result of the experiment was the creation of a new type of coating which has a strength and at the same time, the capacity for water repellency. To create such a material is managed by means of laser processing. It has led to the fact that the surface formed a particularly strong form of aluminium oxide.

Pits and bumps were a repository of a large number of pores that can absorb molecules hypocrite, repelling water and thus protect the metal from corrosion changes. Once the integrity of the surface is broken by cracks and scratches, the bumps begin to share the stored molecules, thereby eliminating the defects.