Scientists have modeled the space version of the death of the Earth

Life on Earth is not eternal. To prepare for the end or moving scientists do not cease to create new theories and models of destruction of the planet. Presented scenarios and the overall results of the worst outcome. This writes VistaNews.


Using the known laws of natural Sciences, the scientists were able to simulate the death of the “blue planet” and determined that the rebirth of the Sun in the red giant will play a significant role. If the star does not grow and will heat up to absorb the next planet, changes its physical characteristics will result in the displacement orbits. In this case, a celestial body can just bump into each other.

In addition, the researchers received the collision of Mars or mercury with the Earth as a result. To shift the orbit of giants is almost impossible, but the objects of the terrestrial group is very simple. As a result, mercury will “meet” with Venus and ricocheted either to the Sun or to the Earth. By the way, our planet has a risk to descend to Venus.

Whatever it is, scientists assure that the Model is nice again. And then it is unlikely that new life, which is then called “earthlings”, can emerge.

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