Scientists have named the country that could survive a zombie Apocalypse

Ученые назвали страну, которая может пережить зомби-апокалипсис

Mathematicians have found that a zombie invasion can be stopped in the case if in a country where there were “living dead”, quite a large army. This role is suitable only North Korea, according to the online edition MiceTimes of Asia.

“In our model, there are not only two “classical” population of living creatures aggressive zombies and defenseless people, but also the military. Our calculations show that the interference of the military in the fight against the epidemic is a key factor in saving humanity from extinction,” write Fernando Sato (Sato Fernando) and his colleagues from the Federal University Guisa di fora (Brazil).

“Zombie Apocalypse” called one of the fantastic scenarios of “doomsday”. The destruction of humanity occurs as a result of the rapid spread of certain virus or bacteria that turn their victims in an extremely aggressive and irrational creature. These zombies do not feel other feelings besides hunger. When they bite a healthy person infected gives him his infection, transforming it into their own kind.

Doctors are studying similar scenarios of “doomsday” in order to calculate the consequences of outbreaks is still incurable and deadly diseases such as the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and zika fever in Brazil, and find ways of restraining them.

Sato and his colleagues noticed that these versions of “Apocalypse” mean that people will not resist the infection, to try to destroy the zombies or create insurmountable barriers for them. On the other hand, even Hollywood films with their fantastic scenarios of the invasion of the “living dead” suggest that the army take a desperate but usually futile efforts to destroy the infected.