Scientists have named the first Archaeopteryx was found in another dinosaur

Paleontologists from the University of Munich Christian PH and Oliver Rahut found that the first remains of Archaeopteryx belong to a completely different kind of prehistoric reptile. The fossils now known as the Haarlem instance, transformed into the remains of a kindred bird-like lizard of anchiornis.


It is noted that Archaeopteryx in size was not more modern ravens. Their weight does not exceed kg, and height was reached half a meter. They lived during the Jurassic period – about 150 years ago – on the territory of modern Germany. With modern birds of their mother well-developed flight feathers and tail feathers. Feature of archaeopteris was a long, three-fingered forelimbs. The imprint of feathers on the stone strengthened scientists in the opinion that these reptiles are ancestors of birds.

However, the authors of the new study made the discovery. Their experiments showed that the fossils of Harlem sample do not coincide with other remains of the Archaeopteryx. They suggested that the remains belong to Haarlem Anchoria – the smallest dinosaur of ancient times. Its size did not exceed 40 cm. Before anhyride bones were found only in the Eastern provinces of China.