Scientists have named the five major cosmic catastrophes that can destroy the Earth

Scientists have made a rating of the cosmic threats that can cause the Apocalypse. In the top five major threats to Earth were asteroids, stars, black holes, the Milky Way’s neighbouring galaxy is Andromeda and even the Sun.


The asteroids of the five “horsemen of the Apocalypse” are considered the lesser evil. However, it was one of these celestial bodies with a diameter of 10 kilometers has already contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. If you fall to the Ground asteroid more than 10 times, all living things on the planet will come to an end.

The fourth row in the list took the stars. Despite the seemingly static, they move with incredible speed. And after a couple of hundred million years when “the wind” will tear the planet gravity.

The top 3 got black holes. They close the most dangerous of the three disasters. These heavenly bodies are very unpredictable and constantly “spit” plasma. If one of these “spitting” fly to the Blue planet, it will be only a handful of ashes.

Second place was taken by a neighbor of the milky Way – Andromeda. Now this galaxy is undergoing a phase of expansion in five billion years it will expand so that will absorb the milky Way along with the Earth.

First place, oddly enough, took the native Sun. Since the cycles directly depends on the life on the planet and the planet including, and any metamorphosis of our sun, is fraught with disaster on a planetary scale. However, astronomers calm that in the next millions of years everything will be stable.