Scientists have named the root cause of obesity

Genetics from the United States called the main culprit of obesity. Was there a special gene that is responsible for the completeness.


The results of the researches of the American scientists published on the website of Duke University. Biochemists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice to ascertain the causes of obesity. Specialists found out that rodents who are carriers of one of the variants of the gene acrin-In, gaining extra pounds faster than mice without this gene.

Scientists explained that this gene regulates the function of the protein Glut4. This protein determines the rate of absorption of glucose by the cells of the body. Mutation of the gene has led to the fact that fat cells have begun to actively take up glucose from the blood, which led to obesity.

One of the study’s authors said that, according to scientists, the gene of acrin-In formed of our ancestors and helped them to save energy in times of famine. Because now people are not lack of food, the presence of this gene can turn the obesity epidemic.

American scientists emphasize the importance of his discovery for those who believed that obesity is due solely to the absence of force loads, and improper nutrition.