Scientists have proven the benefits of fasting for patients with diabetes

A special form of therapeutic fasting helps to fight with diabetes of the second type. The corresponding statement was made by experts from the University of new castle. The study of an appropriate nature was completed by scientists from Alabama, who shared them with the magazine Science Alert.


In experiment took part about 300 person under the age of 65 years. They had been diagnosed with type II diabetes, from which they had been treated by various methods in the past six years. The book also noted, they were immediately divided into experimental and control groups.

For the first developed a unique program to reduce weight. In the second, it was important to adhere to extreme diets. On the day they were supposed to consume at least 853 calories for three months. Eventually managed to establish that almost 90 percent among those who lost their in the group with diet were able to fight the disease and translate it into remission.

Remission of disease was also observed in those who lost during the experiment, less than 10-15 pounds. While in the control group that were given the standard treatment, the figure was only four percent.