Scientists have recorded a large coronal holes on the Sun

Ученые зафиксировали огромные корональные дыры на Солнце

Coronal holes can cause changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Scientists have documented the emergence of three coronal holes on the surface of the Sun that can cause geomagnetic disturbances on Earth, according to with reference to Science Alert.

It is noted that coronal holes on the Sun are quite common, most often they appear between the solar minimum period in the 11-year cycle when the activity of the star reaches its minimum. They are associated with the opening of bundles of magnetic lines, which are usually closed. As a result, the plasma is no longer kept in the crown and becomes part of the solar wind — the stream of ionized particles. If the wind is directed towards the Earth may cause geomagnetic storms.

Representatives of the National Agency oceanic and atmospheric administration evaluated the possible magnetic storm on our planet at one point according to the index G. This means that there will be only small voltage fluctuations in the grid and barely noticeable interference in satellite communication systems.