Scientists have triangulated the signal of “penetrating” into the atmosphere UFO

Scientists were able to catch the signal penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere UFOs. Unusual radar signal astrophysics found in the upper layers of air blankets the planet.


Length is accompanied by a sound signal made up two minutes. It brought experts to the idea that aliens are preparing the invasion of Earth. Ufologists put forward the version that the head alien is a huge space fleet’s flagship, he sends a signal to the squadron. However, traditional science does not hurry to recognize the involvement of aliens to the strange signal.

According to astronomers, this signal could trigger the piezoelectric effects in the atmosphere or a rare form extensions of the ionosphere – sporadic echoes. However, this phenomenon usually can be observed in the summer, if we are talking about the Northern hemisphere. But Washington was able to track the signal on 2 December, i.e. winter.