Scientists: High heart rate shortens life

Danish scientists for 16 years, conducted a study and found that a high heart rate shortens life. Scientific work published in the BMJ Heart.

In the study participated 2798 volunteers, of which 1082 man did not live to see the end of the experiment. The researchers divided the participants into groups depending on heart rate at rest. A correlation has been established between lifespan and heart rate.

If the pulse varies from 71 to 80 beats per minute, the chance of dying early increases by 51%. Accordingly, the indicators from 81 to 90 beats, the risk of death doubles, even if cholesterol and sugar are normal. The experts found that the smaller the pulse, the more chances to live a long life. Interestingly, heart chicken does 275 beats per minute, the hamster 450, while a whale beats only six times a minute.