Scientists in Italy have discovered a medieval “cyborg”

В Италии ученые обнаружили средневекового "киборга"

During the excavations, which were held in the Italian city of Verona, archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of a man with a metal prosthetic right hand in a knife.

The pack, which tells about this discovery, placed on pages of the scientific Journal of Anthropological Sciences.

Archaeologists believe that the tomb in which was found a skeleton with a metal knife instead of a hand, built in VI-VIII centuries of our era. The skeleton belonged to a tall man who died at the age of 40 to 50 years.

В Италии ученые обнаружили средневекового "киборга"

According to scientists, when the skeleton was discovered, he was lying posture where the left arm was bent, and was lying next to the knife. Scientists found on the site of the amputated wrist D-shaped buckle and decomposed organic material. Most likely, it was the strap that the knife was fastened to his hand. The researchers suggest that the man could lose his hands in battle, or, for example, falling from a horse.

“The survival of this Lombard men testifies to the care of society, family compassion and high value of human life” – said the archaeologist of the Sapienza University of Il’yana, Micarelli.