Scientists: Intelligent glue for eyeballs will save patients from blindness

Unique eye gel which you can use on a reversible basis “glue” penetrating wounds of the eyeball. The glue at room temperature is a substance, at body temperature hardens, forming something like a very durable tube.


Ophthalmologists this development is already characterized as extremely useful and has far-reaching term.
In Russia, eye injuries account for almost two percent of the total.

To 15процентов from this factor accounts for penetrating trauma. In the United States every year with this problem to physicians treat more than 200 thousand people. Dangerous penetrating wound of the fact that in this critical moment falls the intraocular pressure, which could lead to retinal detachment and consequent blindness.

Therefore, the wound should be “seal” as quickly as possible. Sealing the eyes, usually, is the fact that the wound impose a few stitches, but often the operation requires a long time. In addition, injury work, often far from hospitals, and therefore assist immediately is not always possible.
Representatives of the University of southern California argue that the “smart glue” allows you to help even at a distance.

At a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius it is in a liquid state, however, when the temperature increases, it hardens, thereby introducing a cement base.