Scientists: Meditation will help keep the youth of the brain

Scientists have established that meditation can enhance cognitive abilities and protect the brain from age-related changes.

An unusual study conducted by scientists from the University of California. Within 7 years, experts have been observing a group of volunteers from 40 people who regularly meditate twice a day – morning and evening for a few minutes. They were examined at 6 and 18 months and then 7 years. At the end of the experiment, all the same 40 participants stated that they continue the practice, but about 1 hour every day.

They were compared with a control group where people were not engaged in meditation. In the result, it was found that people in the experimental group improved overall psychological well-being, they better tolerate stressful situations, and the level of attention rose to the occasion.

The study authors concluded that the results of the experiment indicate a direct connection of meditation with memory, attention (the deterioration of which is an important sign of aging), and other very important functions of the brain.