Scientists: No forest will disappear fresh water

Experts from the University of British Columbia in Canada and
Chinese Academy of forestry made a statement that without forests will disappear
fresh water, according to the journalists HotGeo.


Lead author of the study Adam vey, said that urbanization
leads to changes in many systems. Most of the water resources
concentrated in the forests, and if you cut down the last, then gradually disappear
and fresh water, essential for life on Earth.
With the help of computer simulation specialists conducted
analysis of the data in 2000-2011 years, examined, destroyed when green
vegetation and what were the consequences thereof. Was studied as affected by
deforestation in fresh water where there were coniferous forests and tropical forests
the following areas: British Columbia, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Finland
and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It turned out that urbanization and
the increase of wood consumption leads to a literal drainage of the planet.
Scientists recommend to take into account that, while it is possible to correct the situation and
to save fresh water.