Scientists reported on the effects of the Earth’s collision with a wandering planet

The astronomers said, than turned to the Earth’s collision with a wandering planet. An American expert revealed some details of cosmic “accident” that could occur more than 750 million years ago. According to Shaolei Zhang of George Mason University, the result of the supposed collision could be split supercontinent Rodinia.


Scientists have formed the theory that more than a billion years ago the Earth was formed the continent Rodinia, surrounded by a huge ocean Mirovia. Around the same time when, according to the specialists, there was a collision with the planet tramp, the continent began to crumble. From one continent began to form several.

Zhang decided that between these events there is a causal relationship. Astrophysicist finds that point of contact became the Colorado plateau. The actual territory has become a plateau about 750 million years ago. The area of education 337 thousand square kilometers. From this the scientist concluded that the dimensions of the second party to “the accident” comparable to the parameters of Mars.