Scientists: Risen 13 November the Star of Bethlehem entails the Apocalypse

On the night of 13 November, an hour after sunset, the sky appeared the Star of Bethlehem. As scientists believe, it should not be viewed as a signal of “terrible” events of the star mentioned in the New Testament, it could Herald the end of the world.


Experts told about the parade of planets, caused by the convergence of several cosmic bodies, in particular Jupiter And Venus, which on 13 November was quite close. Visually it looked as if the sky is one huge and very bright star.

It is important to note that scientists do not have accurate evidence of the negative impact on the Earth, because they do not have evidence of the existence of danger. The Bible, the so-called Star of Bethlehem is indicated as a harbinger of the Apocalypse. It’s hard to believe, but on the day when the event occurred, happened a few earthquakes on the borders of Iraq and Iran.

Before it was reported that the milky Way may collide with powerful gravitational waves. What are the consequences of this will result is still unknown.