Scientists said that global warming can save fresh water on Earth

Ученые заявили, что глобальное потепление может спасти пресную воду на Земле

Researchers from the US examined the relationship between the degree of salinity of the surface waters of the Earth and global warming on the planet.

An expert in the field of Geology Kristina Gates in the course of scientific research concluded that increasing salinity level of rivers and lakes in the cities is due to the massive use of road salt.

In particular, in the United States for roads covers more than 10 million tons of chemicals annually. Most of them go into the ground and penetrates to the inner water, which leads to increased salt content in fresh water and salinization of soils, making them unsuitable for use in agriculture.

The solution to this problem, says the researcher, may be global warming.

In the case that each year the amount of snow will decrease, will decrease and the number required for the roads and trails of chemicals. Reduction of road salt on the roads due to climate warming will lead to the restoration of salt balance in freshwater reservoirs. But this does not happen soon.

Scientists believe that significant warming awaits the Earth in the period between 2040 and 2099 years. Now the task of saving fresh water and soil remains relevant.