Scientists told about the secret of quick weight loss

Scientists managed to establish, what key processes occur in the human body after its transition to a low-calorie diet. This was told by one news Agency.


Scientists at Yale University conducted a study of the diet that is prescribed by physicians to patients with diabetes of the second type to fastest way to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood. Observing this mode, the patient is able to quickly lose weight.

Noted that the experts have conducted clinical trials on mice. In the result, it was determined that in the first place, subject to a low-fat diet in the liver, there are processes of reducing the conversion of lactate and amino acids into glucose. In addition, experts found out that glycogen when such a diet was more slowly converted into glucose.

Also found out that in connection with reduction of quantity of fat, the better the sensitivity of the liver to insulin. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that all these processes have a direct impact on weight loss.