Scientists: traces of cocaine and heroin have on the fingers of every tenth person

Ученые: следы кокаина и героина есть на пальцах каждого десятого человека

British drug experts found that traces of cocaine and heroin meet in the fingers of every tenth person in the developed world, and most of them never used these drugs, said in an article published in the journal Clinical Chemistry.

“It can not believe it, but coke actually is among some of the most common environmental pollutants. For example, the molecules often found on the surface of many bills. And yet, what we discovered surprised us. We hope that these experiments will help us to protect innocent people from false positives tests for drugs,” says Melania Bailey (Melanie Bailey) from the University of Surrey (UK).

The rapid spread of hard drugs in first world countries in recent years have scientists find a new way to rapidly detect traces of them in humans and on the surface of various household items. A year ago British scientists have developed a technique that allows you to “seconds” finding the traces of the most popular and hard drugs, including cocaine as well as heroin and other opiates, the fingerprints of people.

Almost immediately after its establishment, Bailey and her colleagues thought about how often these tests can give false results, for example, as a result, if an innocent man touched the body or shake the hand of a criminal, a drug addict. They tested this idea, with the support of 65 volunteers of which consumed these substances, and others never tried.

Scientists surprised the results of these experiments – from 13% fingerprint volunteers who do not use drugs contained traces of cocaine, and in 1% of them present traces of heroin or its derivatives.