Scientists: virus may develop from related species in parallel

Recently, scientists from Cambridge and Exeter have compared the viruses that have evolved in different species. During the study it turned out that the parallel changes in the genes have a huge share of probability, it occurs in the presence of close species. In simple words, related species of living organisms viruses can evolve in parallel.

This unusual growth of microorganisms was revealed in the recent studies. Manifestations have been found in chimpanzees. Scientists believe that people too can have vulnerabilities. Noted most of HIV, Ebola and SARS coronavirus. Experts believe that the last mutated and crossed into humans from other species. During the study, the researchers used deep sequencing of genomes. This allowed us to track the evolution of viruses of types of flies. It turned out, when a virus adapted to one host, it allows him to better penetrate the related objects associated within the same species.

The researchers were able to track the mutations taking place in the “family”. This explains the movement”s most dangerous viruses. The study of the topic, according to scientists, it is very important, because people will be able in the future to predict the emergence of dangerous diseases.