Scientists Wait for the end of the world should be after 2021

Wait for the end of the world only after 2021 – write media, citing “serious scientists”. The names of the researchers is not known.


According to media reports, the nearest Apocalypse may come in 2021 or later. It is associated with “inversion of the magnetic poles” – a change of polarity of North and South magnetic poles. It will awaken volcanoes, depleted ozone layer and increase solar activity. The electrical system will collapse, and a technological civilization will die. Before the poles changed places about 780 thousand years ago.

Following the end of the world is expected in 2029 or in 2036. It is associated with Apophis – the asteroid, which in 2004 was discovered by scientists from the laboratory Kitt Peak, USA. If he will collide with the Earth, the explosion happened with a capacity of 506 megatons in translation into TNT. It threatens the world with a 5-point earthquake with a radius of 120 km or tsunami with a radius of from 3 to 300 km, the Probability of collision is negligible.

The biblical Armageddon, according to Newton, awaits the world in 2060. This year it will be 1260 years from the victory of Christianity in Europe.