Scores and Baton Rouge may have company

The Scores and Baton Rouge restaurants, on King Street West, may have company in the near future. The Haddad family is considering the possibility of installing a third restaurant there.

This is confirmed by La Tribune Calile Haddad, owner of the restaurant Scores. “We are currently talking to three channels. There are many rumors circulating, but nothing is signed yet. ”

“We want to diversify the offer in our restaurant sector. It would be a different banner than Scores and Baton Rouge to not hurt them obviously. ”

Mr Haddad stressed that it was not decided whether there would be a new building where there would be enlargement. If there is an enlargement, it will be done at the restaurant Scores.

“I wish I could operate the new restaurant myself. I look at the opportunities. It will be a new adventure, “he summarizes.

Rumors say Burger King is in the spotlight, but Mr. Haddad can not confirm anything. The two Burger King restaurants in Sherbrooke closed at the end of December 2016.

Scores renovations

What is gained is that the restaurant Scores will be renovated soon, confirms Calile Haddad. The project requires an investment of approximately half a million dollars. “It’s major as a change,” he says.

“It will be spectacular. Plans are finalized. We listened to the guests and the renovations will be according to their tastes. We will keep the warm atmosphere of the Scores. ”

Among the changes will be fenestration. Mr. Haddad promises to be spectacular with regards to the salad bar.

The rotisserie Scores will be 15 years old in a few months, he notes.

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