Scoundrels, ignoramuses, diarrhea of the brain: Lutsenko, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada

Мерзавцы, недоросли, диарея мозга: Луценко о депутатах Верховной рады

Ignoramus, diarrhea of the brain, lying tears. These words, in particular, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, declared today on his resignation in the Verkhovna Rada on the issue of the people’s Deputy about how he could disrespect from the podium to respond to another MP.

Note that in his speech and the resignation of Lutsenko mentioned the name Mustafa Nayem: “But of dual power in the country, when police destroy evidence without even solving crimes, I can not allow that. As head of the law enforcement system today apply. And you decide: may, Mustafa Nayem will lead the investigation and install a TV screen offenders or law enforcement agencies that carry with it criminal liability.”

After that, the question from MPs on what basis Lutsenko allows himself to disrespect to the Deputy attorney General replied: “All this has happened in the past year, when the bastards tried to stick to killing Moskovskoy here and shed a sea of tears lying about what the consequence of doing nothing. When accused of murder went to court, none of these scoundrels have not even gone to court. No one cares! Today the funeral Gandzyuk engaged in “people’s front”, and not those figures, which are collected in their bloody dividends. But if the former Chairman of the Committee, which was supposed to lead the whole anti-corruption policy, still does not understand the difference between procedural guidance and result, which in the GPU is no year, then it is not the Chairman of the Committee, but simply ignoramus, which is diarrhea of the brain leads here, directly in a hall”.

Here Lutsenko, obviously meant Yegor Sobolev, who until recently headed the anti-corruption Committee in Parliament.

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