Secret Story 11 : Barbara comeback win against Jordan, Kamila and Noré in tears

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– “Secret Story “11”, Thursday, 12 October 2017, NT1

Arguments and tears are on the menu of the daily this evening !

It had farts a day ! For some time, Alain and Laura are in a game of seduction in Secret Story 11 and therefore, in the world of care bears. But put some dirty stuff in the story and everything explodes. Alain has criticised Laura to be messy. A note that has not gone because she had thrown on the wrong foot. “Farm”, has it launched.

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Alain is unsurprisingly not let him do that. After a good argument, so they have decided not to talk about the day. But, seeing that his partner was sad, he was eventually put his pride aside.

Partner and special index

Partner special for Bryan… This week is placed under the sign of the pairs. All the candidates are connected by a string, with the exception of Bryan. The latter was, in effect, is the control tower for a few days and had no one to be bound. The Voice has, therefore, decided to attach it… to an inflatable doll bearing his likeness. He had a pair of the new set of The Voice.

Indeed, it has proposed to the Inhabitants to compete in duo to win clues to the secret of the candidate of their choice. The purpose of the test ? One was the brush and the other to the canvas. They would then cover themselves with paint, rubbing each other, with the formal prohibition of the use of their hands. Charlene and Noré were automatically disqualified from the game, as they are detached of their own accord the day before. What depress the husband of Kamila.

Barbara and Benedict have won the game. And this is a hint about the secret of Alain that they wanted to have : the song I already saw of Charles Aznavour. Barbara had therefore deduced that he is a star in another country. It’s getting close so dangerously close to his secret is “I’m a star of television abroad”.

Barbara comeback win against Jordan

Laura was not with her best friend Mary in the adventure. Fortunately, she was able to befriend several people, among which its old rival, Barbara. During the evening of the nominees, the beautiful brunette has therefore sought to make him a beautiful tribute. Kamila, for its part, has made a declaration inflamed with her husband Noré Alain has supported Benedict and Jordan… Noré ! A choice that his accomplice Barbara has not digested. “I thought that I would have supported. He always said that if I left, it would be hard because he would always need him. He can forget it because I will no longer be there for him ! I am very disappointed, saddened, and very angry,” said the young woman. And to add to the confessional : “I have forgiven Jordan once, I would forgive not a second time. Our friendship is over.”

But the one that has made us the most pain was Charlene. Nobody has supported him during the evening. It has therefore taken the decision to walk alone… on the streets, who give. Forgiveness, we may get lost !

The tears of Kamila and Noré

The candidates are unaware that one of the nominees of the week are going to reach the control Tower. Still convinced that a candidate is going to leave the adventure, Noré and Kamila thought to live out their possible last evening together. The emotion therefore was the rendezvous for the lovebirds. After beautiful statements, they shared a slow on I will always love you Whitney Houston. We nearly get out the tissues !

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