Secret Story 11 : Bryan and Barbara nominees, Charlene disgusted with Benedict

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Bryan – “Secret Story “11”, Friday, 13 October 2017, NT1

A daily full of twists and turns.

No elimination in Secret Story 11 (NT1) this week. The candidate nominated by the public included the control Tower. And it was Charlene. But her boyfriend Benedict ignored it and struggled to contain his tears, enough to move the pretty blonde.

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But she soon recovered from her emotions by discovering images compromising. Barbara has done a massage very sensual to her man and did not hesitate to rub him. A time sizzler that Charlene has not missed a beat. She also saw images of his beloved, who went on Barbara in the middle of the night. “There is too much stuff that he could avoid. It does not interfere (…). It made me disgusted of him,” said Charlene.

A sharp tongue

This is a first in the history of the game ! Three new candidates have joined the adventure : Benjamin, Shirley and Cassandra. This last has been designated by The Voice to be that of the three, which immediately joined the House of Secrets, while the other two are in the secret room with Charlene. Very quickly, Cassandra was revealed to Byan that it is not too popular outside, stating that she has nothing against him. If he tried to keep face, the multimillionaire was clearly annoyed. “The French may not love me in general. I’m a dude bling-bling (…). I live in the States, I’m shielded and I kiffe my life,” he said, giving valuable clues about his secret. The Voice was therefore decided to empty the entirety of its prize, and to nominate for office. Barbara, who is related to the applicant, is therefore also on the harness.

Cassandra and Barbara in the cold

Cassandra had not come empty-handed in the House of Secrets. She had two envelopes to distribute to the people of his choice. It has chosen to allocate the one containing a bankrupt to Barbara, and that of 5000 euros to Kamila. Not surprisingly, Barbara has had a hard time to digest this decision. “It’s going to be my own worst enemy (…). I hate it already”, she said in the confessional. After which, it is explained with the small new.

Cassandra has admitted that she had the image of a weather vane and a “daughter easy”. “One has the impression that you want at any price to make the buzz”, she concluded. What excited even more Barbara. For their part, the other candidates were revealed to be wary of Cassandra.

A clue to the secret of Laura unveiled

The secret of Laura (“My best friend has sacrificed to make me get in the House”) was once again in danger. Charlene has decided to reveal a clue to the whole of the inhabitants : the song Sacrifice by Elton John. Fortunately for her, the inhabitants were not more advanced. They have, however, already had several clues…

Mission for Cassandra

During her stint in the secret room, Cassandra was given a mission by Charlène : attempt to probe Benedict to see if he is attracted to Barbara. In any case, for Shirley this is no doubt, the beautiful brown is not faithful. And she was keen to know Charlene.

Yet Benedict has persisted and signed with Cassandra, there’s nothing between Barbara and him : “It is the strategy. Of course, I was too far away. But between Charlene and me, it is sound crazy.” Little convinced, Cassandra informed him that he was “a conn** * * d” on the outside, making cry the main party. Seeing her friends depressed, Noré assured Cassandra that Benedict has never made it clear that he was not insensitive to the charm of Barbara.

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