Secret Story 11 : Three new candidates arrived, Kamila and Jordan are nominated

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Secret Story 11, the prime time of the October 12, 2017 on NT1.

An evening full of twists and turns…

Thursday, 12 October 2017, Secret Story 11 we gave an appointment on NT1 for a new prime time rich in surprises. What were the new missions concocted by The Voice ? Who are the new candidates recruited by the production ? Which candidate has been sent to you in the control tower ? Answer right away…

The new Secrétistes land !

For the first time in the history of the game, three new candidates include the adventure along the way all by knowing the secrets of the “old” and with all the intrigues of the season. These candidates of a new type are called Cassandra, Shirley and Benjamin !

Of course, these three candidates will not be able to buzzer the secrets of the other candidates (or help their future companions to find them) but they will clearly have the right to buzzer between them. Before entering the House, the new entrants must face issues which are very indiscreet of Sarah Lopez, Jaja and Tanya.

Cassandra, 26 years old, is a life coach to Cannes. She said that she was honest and very playful. She thinks she look like Laura side character, and assumes not to love Barbara.

Shirley is a native of Franconville. It claims to be one of the biggest characters of the season. She does not like Barbara and think be able to agree with Laura.

Benjamin, 28 years old, is a sports coach in Bordeaux. It is said to be someone to live who does things thoroughly. It takes to be a great strategist who does not like defeat. Tanya does not hide that she would have liked to make more ample knowledge with them…

The three new secrets are “I escaped a natural disaster”, “My life has failed switch in a carnival” and “I have participated twice in the Olympic Games”.

Cassandra is the only new one to be able to enter the main house tonight, his two friends will have to wait a little bit, hidden.

Once entered, Cassandra has two envelopes that she can give them to whomever it wishes. One contains a bankruptcy, and another 10 000 euros. It gives a bankruptcy to Barbara and € 10,000 to Kamila, the candidate with the most popular of the season… for the moment. Good idea !

The couples to the test

This week, there has been water in the gas in the agreement of couples. Charlene, very jealous, has no longer bear to see his little friend Benedict is closer to (strategically) by Barbara… which made it particularly unpleasant, especially with Noré, which was attached to it. The duo, yet very close, therefore had an altercation that earned them a nomination “for life”. In this context, Kamila has been very difficult to forgive Charlene… The Voice has, therefore, decided this evening to propose crucial to Kamila and Charlene.

If Kamila agrees to be nominated for life, it will help to Charlene and Noré not be… She accepts without refléchir a single second ! It is a great player. Noré is disgusted !

The Voice proposes to Charlene to hide a clue to his secret (“I love you” Lara Fabian) if she agrees to see Benedict and Barbara attached within 48 hours more. It accepts !

The red phone !

The red phone rang in the House of Secrets. Through this, The Voice made a proposal to Barbara. If she agrees to nominate a resident next week, it will not be in the sas… of Course, the pretty young woman retaliates immediately and nominates Jordan.

The return of Tanya

As we know, Tanya was eliminated last week, to the delight of his enemy, Barbara. The former dean of the adventure took advantage of its new-found freedom to say everything bad that she thinks the young woman through various interviews.

The Voice is very playful, has orchestrated the return of Tanya in order to play Barbara. To do this, the “freeze” is back ! Tanya may, therefore, enter the House of Secrets without any of his former co-tenants are unable to make the slightest movement. She took the opportunity to say to Barbara that she thinks that it is a boiler ! It becomes hard, and it is tiresome.

Red thread of the program, Tanya has also had the opportunity to sing her hit single The wedding on the tv show. A great moment of television… or not !

That was sent in the control tower ?

It is time for Barbara, Benedict, Noré and Charlene to join the sas. The votes have been tight throughout the evening but it is ultimately Charlene, which was chosen by viewers to join the control tower.

Of course, inside the House of Secrets, everybody thinks that Charlene has been eliminated…

That is all… for now !

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