Sectarians then try to occupy the park National Revival

IMG_1260-300x225Representatives of unregistered religious communities continue to gather in the park of the National Revival.
Grandma closed road excavator own bodies Although built their places of worship around the source of scandal dismantled for about three years ago, people still continue to come to the same place where, like, the Mother of God appeared, informing INTB . They arranged a kind of faithful prayer corner – one of the trees hung icons, branches decorated with ribbons and put a statue of the Virgin.
In municipal police community gathering supporters regard as non law, namely Article 185 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences.
“Due to the fact that they do not make note of their meetings city council for permission, and in such cases must be set in advance, in order to prepare the city council could answer, permit or not permit, they violate the norm Law of Ukraine “- said the head of the municipal police of the City Council Sergei Volkov.
Sanction of said article, said Sergei Volkov, provides a fine and a warning in case of repetition – more than financial penalties, corrective labor or imprisonment for 15 days.
In the morning, the weekday crew no mass gatherings not found. However, at the corner of a makeshift religious are praying several women. Ternopil, we met in the park, saying, specific believers do not create discomfort. However, some believe garden, however, is not the place for such gatherings.
“Constantly there are even at night and lie thy bed any rug, and there are, and change each other. But I Cho they interfere? I am here for a little bit further. Since the passage, they do not touch anything. But what is just, perhaps, after all, a garden, and here you … For some it was driven away, and you see yonder a further they are, as they are – that they are, and no one else. Ponavishuvaly something over there some. ”
“Neutral, each is own opinion.”
“Everyone has his own. Somewhere they must be the same. Something they have. ”
Instead, the city council say epic with representatives of the religious movement lasted for about ten years. According to the deputy mayor, this community that calls itself Catholic Parish of St. Mary’s Immaculate Heart, never registered, and clerics do not support it belongs to one of the local faiths. After the demolition of illegally built in 2011 in the park places of worship, says Alexander Smyk, parishioners tried to build a new chapel and deploy a statue.
“These efforts continue constantly, continue to this day. So, accordingly, management “Union Park”, which is the owner of the land, in which there is this illegal action, requested the police to the SBU, the Prosecutor’s Office to deal with these people who call themselves Catholic Parish of St. Immaculate Heart of Mary “- said Deputy Mayor Alexander Smyk Ternopil.

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