Sega announces the Sega Genesis Mini and capote

Sega annonce la Sega Genesis Mini et on capote

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Friday night, Sega announced during a broadcast Sega FES 2018 as a ‘mini’ version of the Genesis, aka Mega Drive, would be soon launched on the market in Japan.

The unveiling of the “Mega Drive Mini” arrives just in time to celebrate 30 years of its original console in Japan. Phew, we begin to be old…

In a tweet now deleted, AtGames confirmed that the console is small would be “fueled technology AtGames”. AtGames is already a big player in the market “plug and play”, having designed the Sega Genesis Flashback HD. The reviews are not very positive, however. Then, it is hoped that this new version will be more complete.

Sega is no longer in the business of consoles since the Dreamcast in 1999. The Dreamcast was impressive for its time, allowing the game online, and the consultation of web pages. But, its marketing was completed in 2004.

That is why we looked forward to the return of Sega on the console market. The Sega Mega Drive Mini would be a foot in the door?

No date of launch has not been confirmed, but the Mega Drive Mini is expected to arrive in North America later this year.

Sega has also announced that several classic games were going to land on the Nintendo Switch, Sonic The Hedgehog (not to be confused with Sonic Mania!).

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