Semenchenko’s visit to the United States: “There is a real chance to get military aid”

11 -12 November 2014. in the United States, Washington, arrived Ukrainian delegation consisting of: from the “Popular Front” Andrew Teteruk and Yuri Birch, from the “Samopomich” – Semen Semenchenko. The main purpose of the visit – a positive decision of the Congress on military assistance to Ukraine.

He recalled that on 5 November 2014. elections were held in the US Congress, which resulted in the Republicans gained control of the upper house of Congress. The Senate was headed by Mitch McConnell.

“The victory of the Republicans in the elections to the US Congress is of strategic importance for our country. It was the Republicans have long lobbied for military support to Ukraine. Since the beginning of spring 2014. They were introduced several bills to grant us direct military aid worth $ 100 million in funds anti-tank and air defense, small arms, intelligence sharing, as well as granting the status of a privileged ally – not a NATO member.
This week, it is likely that the US Senate will again raise the issue of granting Ukraine and weapons for us – a real chance to get help and support from our strategic ally. We, in the delegation plan to take advantage of this chance. This is the main purpose of our visit, “- said Semenchenko.

“We also want to organize a permanent cooperation on supply volunteer army battalions and volunteer organizations in the US and Ukraine. We continue to coordinate the actions of trainers to train junior commanders and mouth territorial defense. With the” Association of wives and mothers “looking for additional channels on medical prosthetics. This patient question and now there is a clear lack of quality dentures for victims of the UTA guys. there are many questions, not enough time. Soon the home “- concludes the combat.

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